Our Company History

William C. Fox Heating & Air Conditioning Est. In 1980

Our Proud History

In 1980, William C. Fox, the founder proudly opened his doors to provide heating and air conditioning services to the people he endearingly called “his neighbors.” Running the business from his parents’ garage with just two employees and one truck (we all have to start somewhere), he stood by the mission and commitment of providing quality service, honest quotes, and old fashioned, rolled-up-your-sleeves and hard work to build his small company into what it is today. Today we have moved out of the garage and into a beautiful office in Edgewater Park, NJ. We now employ 9 professionals and are growing. And with six trucks on the road, you will likely see one of our trucks in your neighborhood from time to time. We are happy to wave as we continue calling you our neighbors.

As an extended part of your neighborhood, we not only have to be comfortable with looking ourselves in the eye every morning, but also knowing we will see you all again, with looking each and every one of you in the eye. Therefore, we are still working through our original mission: to bring the highest quality service available in the industry to each and every doorstep at an affordable price. We may know heating and air conditioning, but you know your home. Therefore, we work with you to meet your needs and to keep your home comfortable.

We know that our technicians require training to perform their jobs properly. Therefore our technicians MUST participate in ongoing educational courses, designed to keep them ahead of the professional curve in the field. This education also allows them the ability to think on their feet and solve any problem efficiently.

We have been Burlington County’s leading Heating and Air Conditioning Company for over thirty-seven years and we look forward to continuing in that vein for the next 100+ years.