Heat Pump Installation & Repair

energy efficient alternative to central air conditioning

An Energy-Efficient Heat Pump is the Ultimate Alternative

Heat pumps are the energy efficient alternative to central air conditioning and forced air. Not only do they aid in keeping your home warm in the winter, but they can also cool your home effectively on even the warmest of summer days. This system does all of this while using only a small amount of energy.

The way in which the system works is really quite ingenious in its simplicity. Using copper coils, the heat pump warms the air from outside until it is pulled through the system and into your home with the use of a refrigerant. However, in the summer, air is pushed from the home through the copper coil system and pushed outside. Therefore, the system is less of a generator than a recycling unit for air. This entire system is actually quite cost effective for the budget conscious home-owner, keeping your summer and winter energy bills low and your home comfortable.

No two heat pumps are alike and no two houses require the same type of system. Therefore, as the experts in heating and air conditioning in Burlington County and its surrounding towns, several different heat pump options are offered:

Single Stage:

A single stage compressor is a wonderful asset for certain environments. This type of system will heat or cool when the heat pump compressor is working at full blast.

Two Stage:

A two stage heat pump allows the system to cool or heat your environment at two separate stages, as opposed to just a full compression. This allows for a more energy efficient unit while at the same time   preventing the constant hard work it would otherwise require to cool or heat your home. Up front the cost may be somewhat more, but it will save you more than its cost over the life of the unit.

Variable Speed:

A variable speed heat pump is the most energy efficient heat pump available. It works at various speeds, depending on the temperature of the environment. This pump only works as truly needed and helps keep your home comfortable while removing excess moisture in the air.

We only offer high-efficiency heat pumps to make sure your comfort is within your budget. Call today to get your free estimate for heat pump installation in your home or office.