Thermostat Installation

Wi-Fi, Programmable, or Traditional Thermostats

A New Thermostat Can Help You Control Temperature & Save Money

Sometimes, when your heating or air conditioning does not seem to properly work in your home, the fix is quite simple. The answer may simply be a new thermostat installation. It could be that your thermostat is outdated, or it could simply have died. And while you can do it yourself, installing it is actually an exact science, wherein if installed incorrectly, could cause an even larger issue. Fox Heating and Air Conditioning offers several options for your new thermostat to keep your cooling system working perfectly:

Wi-Fi Thermostats

As with everything in your home, your thermostat can now be wireless, or Wi-Fi. Even when you are away, these internet based thermostats can control the temperature in your home by controlling sensors that trigger your system to kick in or shut off as needed, unless you choose to login and manually control its output.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can be pre-programmed to adjust the temperature at certain times of day. Typically, these are used to heighten the air or heat when people are occupying the building and lower the air or heat during dormant hours, while at work or on vacation. Only when it matters most does your system work the hardest, therefore, energy can be saved.

Traditional Thermostats

For those who prefer to abstain from technology, of course, Fox Heating and Air Conditioning offers the traditional thermostat. These thermostats allow for auto or manual operation. By simply adjusting a lever or clicking a button, they are completely adjustable. They are typically the least expensive to both purchase and install. They are also known to last long.

If in need of a new thermostat, contact the experts at Fox Heating and Air Conditioning today. We will gladly discuss your options and find the best fit for your home and your life.