UV Lights

eliminate germ causing bacteria

Remove Airborne Contaminants with UV Lights

Did you know that UV lights can help eliminate germs? It is true. The standard UV light may not remove all germs everywhere in the world, but direct exposure to high intensity UV light can eliminate germ-causing bacteria that may be growing. This is actually been a long-standing technique which has been proven to help make your home healthier and your duct system cleaner. This is why we have become the leader in New Jersey’s Burlington, Southern Mercer, and Northern Camden Counties for installation and servicing of UV Lights.

It has been determined that fungi and bacteria found in the HVAC air duct system is responsible for 20% of all allergy sufferers in South New Jersey. Considering New Jersey is one of the worst states fro allergy suffers when outside in the elements, it is essential that your home remains clear of these issues and acts as your sanctuary when the air quality outdoors is insufferable. This is one of the many reasons, you should consider installing UV lights in your duct systems.

Fox HVAC wants you and your family to be healthy in your own home or office. Therefore, our qualified technicians will install these ultra violet lights into your duct system thus improving your overall health and wellness. Our technicians are qualified in the most efficient methods to install this technology without breaking the bank. We make sure to work with your schedule and budget to help keep your air quality the most comfortable and healthiest.

We are an authorized retailer for both Aprilaire and Honeywell UV Lights, two of the most popular and best quality systems on the market. To learn more about UV lights and how they help you and your family to stay healthy, call Fox Heating and Air Conditioning today. We will gladly provide you with answers to your questions as well as your FREE estimate.