Heat Pump Installation & Repair

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High-Efficiency Heat Pump Solutions

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to propane or straight electricity for heating your home, a heat pump might be the right option. Heat pumps are an energy-efficient base for your split system. They work best in moderate temperatures, so they’re especially useful in southern states. The newest heat pump technology allows heat pumps to be installed in colder climates, which allows for electric operation while still providing comfort that is comparable to a gas furnace.

Fox Heating and Air Conditioning have been installing and repairing heat pumps in homes throughout Burlington County, Northern Camden County, and Southern Mercer County, New Jersey for over 45 years. Their expert technicians are Trane Comfort Specialists that take the time to not only learn the Trane Comfort way but continue their education to find new and interesting ideas to help your home benefit from a heat pump throughout the winter months.

Trane Comfort Specialist | William C. Fox Heating & Air Conditioning | Burlington County, NJ

Fox HVAC offers three types of high-efficiency heat pump options for your home:

Single Stage:
This heat pump is the least efficient of the group, This type of pump works only at one level, pushing air through your home only when on full blast. They are a little less at the onset, but may cost a little more monthly.

2 Stage:
A 2 stage heat pump is the middle of the road device that works on two separate stages. The 1st stage of this system would be beneficial during milder winters, spring and fall. The second stage comes on when we experience colder temperatures. This is much more energy efficient than a single stage, but can a bit more costly up front.

This type of heat pump is the most energy efficient; however, it is the most costly up front. This type of system runs on different levels to heat your home, allowing the energy use to adjust as more or less heat is required.

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Trane Comfort Specialist | William C. Fox Heating & Air Conditioning | Burlington County, NJ
NATE Certified | William C. Fox Heating & Air Conditioning | Burlington County, NJ