Thermostat Installation

Control your environment

Upgrade Your Thermostat and Save Money

Your thermostat can be the difference between a freezing evening at home or perfect comfort. Much like anything else in your home, sometimes the most obvious and easiest fix is actually the answer. William C. Fox Heating and Air Conditioning understands this. Never would they try to sell you an entire system, when all you need is an upgrade for your thermostat.

Fox HVAC offers Wi-Fi, Programmable, and of course, conventional thermostats. These options offer something for everyone, whether you insist on everything being connected, or enjoy the peace and quiet of traditional, unconnected household necessities. Our systems are never clunky, are easy to manage, and come with our service warranty that is unprecedented in the industry.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Our Wi-Fi systems allow you to connect your home’s systems through the wireless internet. You can control the temperature from anywhere in the world with the use of an App on your cell phone or access through the website. If the weather changes unexpectedly, you can easily access your system and adjust the temperature as needed, ensuring your home is comfortable when you enter.

Programmable Thermostats

If you prefer a bit of technology, but do not require the Wi-Fi connection, Fox HVAC offers programmable systems. These systems allow you to set the time of day you wish the temperature to change in order to keep your home energy efficient and comfortable all through the day and night.

Traditional Thermostats

Finally, there are people who enjoy tradition. Fox HVAC understands this and would not want you to change any more than you want to change. Therefore, we offer the traditional, conventional thermostat that works no matter what the remaining technology in your home or office chooses to do.

We will guide you to the best option for your home and your lifestyle. To ensure year round comfort, our expert technicians will install the system you choose and teach you how to use it. Call today. Speak with our experts about your new thermostat.