humidifiers that work throughout your residence

Eliminate Dry Environments with Humidifiers

Artificial climate controls can leave an interior area dry, thus making it hard for many people to breathe. And while New Jersey is known for being quite humid outside, it is never good for your body to be in a completely dry environment and to quickly and consistently jump from one extreme to another. This is especially detrimental when there is a daily change in air just by stepping in and out of your home. While many purchase individual humidifiers, their drawback is to only humidify the rooms they occupy while you are occupying your home, not the entire home, and not when you are away.

Fox HVAC knows the benefits to adding humidity to your entire home. We live in New Jersey as well and have personally experienced the difference between a humid climate and the dry heat in your home. And while keeping humidity low or non-existent may be wonderful to preserve objects, documents, and artifacts, it is never the best environment for people. That is why we install humidifiers that work throughout the complete residence. These units are permanently installed with your heating and cooling system, allowing the process to work together keeping your home comfortable any time of year.

Our technicians are specially trained in the proper techniques as well as climates for homes based on size and occupancy, combined with the type of heating system used throughout the environment. They take pride in making sure your family is comfortable and healthy throughout the year without draining your wallet.

Contact us today and learn more about keeping your home humid enough to keep your family healthy. Our technicians are happy to answer your questions about the systems we offer and how they can aid in your overall health and wellness. Do not wait another day to get your FREE estimate.