Gas Conversions

Leading provider for gas conversion for over 13 years

Take the Stress Out of a Gas Conversion

Not every home is perfect. Some homes offer the perfect layout, but have an antiquated or simply undesirable heating system. This should not stop you from buying the otherwise perfect new home for your family. This is actually a small problem that can easily be corrected with a little patience, some skill, and a relatively small budget. And it is truly not as difficult or messy as you may think.

Fox Heating and Air Conditioning is the leading provider for gas conversion work in the Burlington County area, servicing Burlington County, Northern Camden County, and Southern Mercer County in New Jersey. We have been doing this type of work for over thirty-seven years. We know what is involved and will do the dirty work for you. Not only will we complete the actual conversion, we will obtain all of the necessary permits and work with your gas company to make sure everything remains business as usual. When we are finished with your project, you will feel the difference inside your home without seeing the difference on the floors or walls. We are clean, concise, and efficient, making sure you are never truly misplaced and do not have to clean up our mess.

We offer Oil, Heat Pump, and Propane conversions, leaving you with a gas powered forced air system or a hot water (boiler) system. Our technicians will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the entire process as they work efficiently to complete the job sooner, rather than later. We promise you will love your new heating system and forget how you survived with anything else. And you will never know we were there once we leave.

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. If you are interested in converting your older heating system to a more modern gas system, call us today for your FREE estimate!